I just wanted to formally thank the team at A1 immigration, and having dealt with Toni and Anastasiia over the past months has been a dream considering visa processes can be quite a nightmare.

Firstly, having dealt mainly with Toni over email and the phone, I would like to say thank you so much for being so patient with me. As it’s quite a stressful period for someone dealing with immigration, Toni’s politeness, her enthusiasm, professionalism and all round pleasant attitude has made it about as relaxing and pain free as it could be. I cannot thank her enough, and I don’t know if she will ever understand fully what it has meant for me to be able to start my life here, but I truly owe her the world for her help.

I would also like to thank Anastasiia, who has also been an amazing contact to me in the brief times we have had correspondence. Again, she has been so professional, and most importantly, quick to reply and very prompt.

Both of these women have been amazing, and truly are diamonds to deal with. No questions ever left unanswered, and no email to late to reply (which, being a tradie who finishes at 4:30pm – blew me away), I owe them a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I cannot recommend Toni & A1 immigration highly enough.

Thanks again,

Alex – United Kingdom

Dear Tim, Don and Ruby,
Thank you so very much for all your truly invaluable assistance with our family’s residence visa’s, the planning and execution was all very professionally done, with impeccable communication of timelines, and management of our application with INZ more than exceeded our expectation and resulted in a successful application to which we are now residents of New Zealand, and now able to call it home at last.I would like to commend Tim’s expertise in handling the whole application (which didn’t come without its own special set of unique problems!) logistics, legalities and of course the maze of INZ documentation that comes along with all of it- especially these days with the more difficult and higher-bar-stricter than ever criteria that INZ imposes on immigrants applying for residency in New Zealand. Tim advised us on all matters, arrangements, the preparation of all documentation and exactly when it needed to be submitted, coordinating all requests from INZ, and essentially organizing everything from start to finish. (Including a difficult maneuver/rescue of my eldest son’s failed visa application- who is now a resident, all thanks to Tim and the team.)
I was very impressed as the whole thing was handled very smoothly by A1 immigration Services and its organization of everything from the EOI to Residence class visa’s – Regarding our application, and all other related matters, job well done to you and your team.
My family and I most sincerely appreciate your help and advice as a first-class senior advisor, and professional was in which the commercial aspect was handled too, including the hard work behind the scenes by Don and Ruby – very professional, all of which makes a truly stressful and nerve racking situation become bearable and an agreeable one.
I am certain we will be contacting you for your assistance if we’re ever needed to engage with Immigration New Zealand again, on any/all matters of immigration.
Best Regards,
Philip J.S.
New Zealand Resident.

Hi Toni,

This email is just to let you know that this was the first time we have sponsored work visa’s and having two different Immigration Advisors was a stark contrast.

You were so wonderful at looking after Ibrahim and communicating with us all the way through. In future should we decide to sponsor more people from overseas, I will ask them to use you personally! I felt you really cared and looked after both parties.

Thank you, for being awesome!

Marianna – NZ

A1 IMMIGRATION made our move to New Zealand smooth and comfortable. Their professional staff went above and beyond for our family of 12 from the United States and were our first friends when we arrived. Thanks again A1!

Ryan and Mandy – USA

I found working with A1 Immigration a really wonderful experience. I find that the level of transparency you can get here is unmatched. They are quick, efficient and very experienced. I was very lucky to have them handle my case.

Amrita – India

My whole experience with A1 Immigration has been one of absolute peace of mind, since the first time I have set foot into your office in Auckland I have been overwhelmed with the friendliness and personal attention I received from all the staff, I felt right at home.

I had so many questions and there were so many unknowns running through my head, making such a big decision to leave behind everything you know and taking the plunge to relocate yourself and your family to unfamiliar territory was quite daunting and kind of unnerving on me.

Toni whom I spoke with must’ve sensed all the uncertainty and worries I had, she immediately put me at ease and guided me away from all the unsettling thoughts about my situation, slowly but surely she started chipping away at all my uncertainties and worries, around three quarters of the way through our consultation I was more relaxed and actually looking forward to making the move to New Zealand.

The service we received before, during and even after our Work Visa and Resident Visa applications were finalised has been absolutely exemplary, we were updated regularly on the requirement of any documentation and also on the progress of our applications, communication is first class and never pointless or confusing.

Becoming part of the A1 family has been such a privilege, being in such sincere and caring hands has genuinely exceeded all of our expectations, usually with most consultancies you’re just a number to get in and out of their doors… NOT SO with the guys from A1, this is a place where lasting friendships are formed and cherished, a place where you can with all peace of mind take your immigration matters and concerns, our dream has come true…!

Louis – South Africa

Toni help me did my resident visa, as well as the WD1 visa. It was being approved very fast! Toni focused on details and provide professional suggestion on my application, she’s very kind and patient. I really appreciate her effort and time on my application. Highly recommend A1 Immigration to all.

Boyao – China

From the minute that we met Toni, we could tell that she knew her Business. She had also met many South Africans and understood that we need to be kept in the loop. Our Application was not straight-forward, but the way that she handled it, it was plain-sailing for us. Definitely recommend A1 Immigration and Toni to anyone that needs help getting in to New Zealand!

Tyrone – South Africa

I want to pass my thank you and appreciation to the Team at A1 immigration in general and to Toni in particular. I had the opportunity to visit a few companies offering immigration services before going to a1 immigration. Whilst other companies took me as just another ‘business’, the welcome at a1 was exemplary.

From the time you get in the whole team make you feel valued as a client. I found Toni to be very professional in executing her work, offering a well thought out and knowledgeable service with constant updates that kept me informed of everything that was happening.

The most satisfying experience was the personal touch offered. Toni through her work takes the burden of the whole process away from you. I would not hesitate to highly recommend her and The Team to anyone.

In dealing with my case they all went beyond the call of duty. I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for a marvellous effort. Your dedication to providing the best immigration advice and service is beyond compare.

Lovejoy – Zimbabwe

Me and my spouse applied for resident visa application through A1 immigration. Our adviser, Toni helped us lot in success with case. She always proactive and stand by her words. Highly professional and satisfactory service. A1 Immigration will be always our first choice for any future immigration matters.

Virender and Ruchita – India

I am very satisfied with the services of A1 immigration. Toni is very co-operative and listen to the problems patiently. Team members informed me of the status of my application whenever I asked. They helped me a lot. Due to their efforts, I got my Residency in New Zealand.

Palwinder – India

My wife and I applied for work visa through A1 immigration and later Permanent Residence for New Zealand.

We were amazed at how friendly the staff were with us in regards to our visa.

We had difficulty in understanding the process but the staff spent the time to spoon-feed the process from start to finish.

It was great value for money.

I would definitely recommend A1 Immigration to all my friends and family.

Parag – India

Thank you for all the work that you have done in helping me gain Permanent Residency in New Zealand. I have been on cloud nine for the past few days and I cannot believe how relieved I am that the process is completed. It truly feels like a weight has need lifted off of my shoulders.

I spoke to my family and they are so pleased for me also. I explained to them that I was fortunate to have yourself (Toni) support and help me. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done in the past few months. I could not have done this without your service.

Krishna – Mauritius

Thank you so much for all your hard work and support which has been second to none. I am very excited about what’s going to happen now for the future.

Colin – UK

Hello A1

I’m 23 years old, and on the next weekend I’m about to turn 24, and there were moments in my life that I started to wonder if I was doing the right thing, if I was in the right place, the right time, if my choices were the best, and sometimes noting seems to fit in place, so I got sad and confused.

I really hope that what I’m about to say here stays in your hearts and minds, for when that time comes in your lives, you’re capable of remembering it.

Timothy, Don, Andy and whoever else helped us on this journey, you guys aren’t simply “doing a job”, you guys aren’t simply helping 2 people to move from one country to another, you guys helped 2 people to get the opportunity of their lives.

Here in Brazil, we have nothing. No perspective, no support, no justice, no law…everything is a mess. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying the facts here because I want you to know how hard our lives were here in Brazil.

Because knowing that, you will have sure in your hearts that you helped a couple to make their dreams come true, and I’m sure that everyone feels what I felt in those 24 years of my life.

So whenever you guys get sad or confused about your own lives, remember the people you helped in the past, and remember this message from me and my wife to A1 Immigration:

Thank you A1 Immigration, you helped two people to recover their dignity as human beings. Helped two people to try again and start a new and fresh life.

God loves each of you guys, and through you He helped us. So never forget the good things you did before and from now on. Use this as motivation to help God to fill the world with his love.

Thank you very much and best regards from

Felipe and Jamile – Brazil